And now for sale!

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My yummy chocolate illustrations are displayed - and for sale! - at Cocoa Exchange Chocolatier on Belsize Road (London NW6)!

And on top of being beautiful (I mean the chocolates!), they are delicious, so do try for yourselves! (sorry non-londonners...)

Watch this space, there's more to come!


Chocolat framboise 2 framed LR

Chocolat banane 2 LR Chocolat blanc framboise 2 LR Chocolat Lavende 1 LR Chocolat piment 1 LR Chocolat pistache 1 LR Chocolat lavende 2 LR Chocolat banane 1 LR Chocolat piment 2 LR Chocolat pistache 2 LR Chocolat-Framboise-2-LR.jpg Chocolat-Noir-blanc-LR.jpg

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