The Holiday Challenge

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This summer, I had very little time to paint.

Sometime, the difficulty - especially on holiday - is the lack of motivation. Setting oneself a goal to make a daily painting can become a chore if one is lacking time or inspiration.

In my case this year, it was more a question of finding the time... So my tip here is to set a topic to experiment day after day during holiday time; this way, one eliminates one crucial problem:"What could I paint today...?".

Last year, I exclusively focused on the same view from the top of the garden, overlooking the far-away mountains and the always changing skies.  

This year: trees!

I have never liked painting trees; I always get lost in details trying to show the difference between a birch and a pear tree, but most of the time, I take the lazy route and end up with unshapely splashes of green.

My challenge this year was to paint one different tree each time I could find ten minutes, with a black pen and very little paint. This way, no time to over-detail, but yet I made sure to capture the essence of the subject so I could tell a birch from a pear tree!

So one subject, 5 to 10 minutes maximum, and minimum material (pencil and eraser prohibited!). It's the most efficient way to overcome one's limits!













Not to forget a daily reward... I was on holiday after all!


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