Daily Sketch - Quality Streets...

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Any excuse for a treat...! The days getting shorter, the temperatures dropping, Monday morning blues, you name it!

But before I got down to the bottom of my big box of Quality Streets, I had saved a handfull to sketch.

American pastel artist Loriann Signori wrote here about the importance of risk taking in painting , and willingness to rework a work and let go of any "preciousness" which may hold us back. 

This is the whole point of these daily sketches: they must be done quickly, straight with ink and colours, so to avoid any hesitation or attempt to controle things and stick as close as possible to reality. I've always prefered the preparatory sketches to the actual finished works of art, they are more spontaneous and free. 

When you do not set yourself any expectations, you unleash your true creativity.

So back to my Quality Streets... I can finally eat them now!




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